The Mad Scientist’s Curse

Could, should…you know the drill

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So, I want to share with you how my brain gets ahead of me sometimes because I think I caught myself before it was too late. That said, I would love to know what you think. Here goes.

When it comes to podcasting, when it comes to most of my plans for world domination to be honest with you, I’m a mad scientist who sees a little bit of success and then starts adding bits and pieces to his monster until it’s unrecognizable, or it’s not sustainable. My podcast has gone through a lot of changes over the years, and one of the main reasons for that is I see my podcast as a reflection of where I am at a certain period of my life. There have been the funny voices, there’s been the point where I felt I wanted to document certain parts of my life as a testimonial to my kids, there’s been the kind of mourning process when my parents died. Presently, it’s dedicated to the creative. How we’re coping during this pandemic, to our individual processes, and the myriad ways we express ourselves. From the filmmaker to the webcomic artist, to the live theater technician and voice talent, and more.

Over this past weekend, I was feeling very grateful for the feedback I’ve been receiving, and I was consumed with the idea that I could be giving more. If the name of the podcast is The Bluejacket Creative, inherent in that name is the passing of knowledge. While I’ve been passing on some ideas from my point of view and having some great conversations with other creatives, I was wondering about branching this out a bit more. I was thinking of one or two more kinds of episodes, one a bit more motivational, inspirational, and one a bit more technical. A tutorial for things I do, or things I find to pass on in the fields of podcasting, photography, blogging, videography, life…things like that. I hadn’t gotten so far as to map these out in my head as to a schedule, because that’s when I took a step back and stopped myself.

You see, where I have historically fallen off the wagon with doing these podcasts is when I fall behind with the schedule I’ve kept for myself. Right now, I’m doing two shows during the week and one interview show on the weekend. I’ve kept this up for I think about a month. I’d like to keep going with it, but I know something is going to be happening soon. Eventually, if I’m lucky, the majority of my day is going to be consumed by a day job. In a perfect world, I’d be a full-time creator for a living, but we’re just not there yet. So if one-third of my life is sleeping and the other 8–10 hours is day job related, then I have only between 4–8 hours a day to work on the creative allowing for the fact that my life is crazy and there are just days when my time is not my own no matter what I do.

The creative spirit is willing you see, the practical nature of time may be the issue.

I would love to know your thoughts on the matter.

Autism Dad, Multimedia Producer, Podcaster.

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