“How Often Should I Podcast?” Consider These Three Things

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Another one of the questions new podcasters ask is how often they should release episodes, and just like questions about podcast length, this has as many answers as there are podcasters. There is no right answer to this one.

I have done daily, weekly, and bi-weekly shows. I have done ‘seasons’ where I completed the season before the release of the first episode. I go between these all the time. As I write this, I am writing a season of podcasts to be released weekly.

I have some items for you to consider when determining how often you should release episodes.

*** Is it time-sensitive? ***

Especially true for current events shows, but if your industry changes rapidly, then you may want to consider multiple shows a week.

*** What is your situation? ***

I still have trouble with this myself, but let me drive this point home for both of us: you don’t need to drop an episode daily or weekly. It’s great that other shows do, but you are not those shows, and you shouldn’t compare yourself to what other established shows are doing. Do the show on the schedule you can stick to, and please remember that it’s not a mortal sin to need to change it as long as you let your listeners know in advance.

*** Is this binge-worthy? ***

If you can’t stick to a schedule, is the content something you can produce en masse and then drop as a season of anywhere to 6 to 12 episodes? I think this approach is getting more and more popular lately now that the big boys have used it successfully, and because we are becoming a culture that consumes media that way. Look at the new season (at time of writing) of Stranger Things, or the people that wait for a season — or series — of a popular show to end so they can watch it all at once.

Whatever you do, don’t stick to a deadline for the sake of sticking to a deadline. I’ve done this, and the shows suffer as a result. If it takes you two weeks to drop a home run episode than I’d rather you do that than make a daily or weekly show that can’t get on base.

Make a show you’re proud of on the schedule it takes to deliver excellence.

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Autism Dad, Multimedia Producer, Podcaster. http://krisroley.com

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