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Autism Dad, Multimedia Producer, Podcaster.

A shared hobby led to a better relationship

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My wife and I celebrate our 27th Anniversary this year. Every year, it continues to blow my mind that two people so diametrically opposed finding ways to keep making this work. Years ago, a musician I’m very fond of coined a term for pulling off a seemingly impossible task. He looked at a large stage that would resume its primary duty of being a city skyline the next day. He called the act of turning that expanse of buildings into a show the equivalent of “Making a steamroller fly.”

I love that phrase. You could make the argument that anything…

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On July 27th, the remaining pieces of the family that birthed me will likely be destroyed. I don’t say this lightly, and I take no pleasure in it. However, it needs to happen.

On that day, my brother will appear before a judge for violating the terms of his parole. If things go as I suspect they will, the portion of his suspended sentence — I recall being about 12 years — will be reinstated. I guess they may add to that, but they may say that’s enough. If that is the case, he would not be released from prison…

The Creating Part Is Done, Now Promote It.

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In Part II, we went over creating your podcast, getting it listed in the various directories, and releasing it. Now that you have made your podcast and released your first episodes into the wild, the next step is to let the world know it exists and grow your audience. It’s important to remember that audience growth is not something that happens immediately. Just like it takes time and work to plan and create your podcast, there’s a lot of work that goes into promoting your show as well.

There are many guides and posts out there that promise you that…

This is the second part of a three part guide to starting a podcast. In Part I, we laid out the steps to planning your podcast, and in this part we’ll get down to the business of creating your podcast. Let’s get started.

The Tech — Recording Equipment and Recording and Editing Software

You knew that eventually, we were going to have to get to the gear, right? Now’s the time, but before we get to equipment, I want to make something clear. All the shiny gear and tools to make your podcast should slick amounts to nothing if all the things we’ve talked about before now aren’t clearly defined…

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Podcasting, once considered to be ‘amateur hour’ by no less than Steve Jobs, has become a dominant force in media. Today, there are over two million episodes of various podcasts on a wide range of topics. So, today, if you have a passing interest in a particular subject, you can bet someone has made a podcast about it. But, what if you can’t find one about the topic that interests you? Well, maybe that’s a call to action for you to be the one that makes it.

Hi. My name is Kris Roley, and I’ve been a podcaster since 2006…

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Wednesday, June 2nd, 2021, was a day I’ll never forget. It was the day my body told me I had to get out.

I was sitting on my couch watching Death in Paradise, a show that my wife and I love when I started having chest pains and broke out in a sweat. I initially tried to chalk it up to heartburn and thought it might go away, but I began to panic that something was very wrong as time went on. I turned to Kim, and fortunately, I didn’t have to say a word. …

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In the fifteen years that I’ve been a podcaster, I’ve used many different kinds of formats. Daily shows, weekly, long-form interviews, unscripted improv, monthly magazine-style. None of them have stuck with me as something I’d like to do long-term.

I’ve noticed the surge in seasonal podcasting due to the popularity of shows like Serial and the rise of True Crime podcasts. So I decided to experiment with seasonal podcasting and dedicate each season to ideas I’ve had swimming around in my head for thirty years or so. Once I committed to this idea, I found it remarkably liberating, so much…

When I first started podcasting in 2006, I didn’t possess the technology to do interviews, so I left that out of my show for a long time. One of the first interviews I did was in 2008 was with a gentleman named George Tabb, a NY punk icon and early activist for those who suffered from 9/11 related sickness. While it was a bit stilted and awkward, it gave me a definite idea of the kinds of interviews I wanted to do in the future.

I think the essence of a good interview is that it isn’t an interview at…

There is something worse than rejection

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Today, I want to talk about freelancing. Not any particular line of work but the subject in general. Freelancing has enjoyed something of an uptrend lately; Lots of people were doing it before of course, but I suspect there are a lot more people doing it right now, partly out of necessity. For some, it may be how food gets on the table.

I’ve been fortunate to get a few gigs here and there, and things are working out. Did I wish I had a steady gig? Yeah. Do I wish I had, oh, I dunno, something with benefits? DUH…

Time management doesn’t have to restrict your creativity

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A question that is weighing on my mind lately is how much structure helps or hurts a creative. I was talking with a friend who by all accounts has mad organizational skills, and she runs a filmmaking business. There’s a lot of structure in her day that is taken up doing the administrative work that you need to do in order to run a business the right way, and she’s very good at that. …

Kris Roley

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