Part of this series of conversations I’ve been releasing in my podcast, as well as the regular weekday episodes have been about how we’re doing right now during this time. A career in the creative field right now is tenuous it seems, freelancing even more so.

Another reason for this series is meant to be for those of us who are really starting out or don’t have an idea of what to do, or people like me who have come to it later in life. We’re beginners. We need direction. We need encouragement. We need solidarity.

This is something that’s been stuck in my head in one form or another for a little while, and there’s a little bit of a thread here so I hope you’ll bear with me. Years ago I did a limited run podcast called The Peaceful Pirate, which led to a kind of manifesto, I guess you could call it. The gist of it was that you didn’t have to participate in the game everyone else is playing. You can opt out. You can try to live live on your own terms, doing what you love to do. For the most part, that’s still true. Look around you, the creative economy has — almost by necessity — risen up and may overtake the third economic age, The Information Age, within the next 20–25 years. That’s great, but in the rising popularity of the creative economy, there’s been a shift on the playing field. For cultural and political reasons the pirates have become the Navy, there are more new sailors than ever, which means we need to sail under a new covenant. We celebrate the beginners. We show them the ropes. We encourage them. We offer honesty but not cruelty. We stand with them. …

There is something worse than rejection

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Today, I want to talk about freelancing. Not any particular line of work but the subject in general. Freelancing has enjoyed something of an uptrend lately; Lots of people were doing it before of course, but I suspect there are a lot more people doing it right now, partly out of necessity. For some, it may be how food gets on the table.

I’ve been fortunate to get a few gigs here and there, and things are working out. Did I wish I had a steady gig? Yeah. Do I wish I had, oh, I dunno, something with benefits? DUH. Am I just a little bit nervous that the Apocalypse is going to happen in a couple of weeks and it’s all going to hit the fan? OH YEAH, TRUST. But right now is right now, and that’s what I need to keep a focus on. I hit the job boards every day and fill out a gang of applications, and then I hit Upwork and submit some proposals. Upwork, for the uninitiated, is a freelance job board where people post what they need, and you can submit a proposal to fill that job. …


Kris Roley

Autism Dad, Multimedia Producer, Podcaster. http://krisroley.com

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