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In the fifteen years that I’ve been a podcaster, I’ve used many different kinds of formats. Daily shows, weekly, long-form interviews, unscripted improv, monthly magazine-style. None of them have stuck with me as something I’d like to do long-term.

I’ve noticed the surge in seasonal podcasting due to the popularity of shows like Serial and the rise of True Crime podcasts. So I decided to experiment with seasonal podcasting and dedicate each season to ideas I’ve had swimming around in my head for thirty years or so. Once I committed to this idea, I found it remarkably liberating, so much…

When I first started podcasting in 2006, I didn’t possess the technology to do interviews, so I left that out of my show for a long time. One of the first interviews I did was in 2008 was with a gentleman named George Tabb, a NY punk icon and early activist for those who suffered from 9/11 related sickness. While it was a bit stilted and awkward, it gave me a definite idea of the kinds of interviews I wanted to do in the future.

I think the essence of a good interview is that it isn’t an interview at…

Part of this series of conversations I’ve been releasing in my podcast, as well as the regular weekday episodes have been about how we’re doing right now during this time. A career in the creative field right now is tenuous it seems, freelancing even more so.

Another reason for this series is meant to be for those of us who are really starting out or don’t have an idea of what to do, or people like me who have come to it later in life. We’re beginners. We need direction. We need encouragement. We need solidarity.

This is something that’s…

There is something worse than rejection

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Today, I want to talk about freelancing. Not any particular line of work but the subject in general. Freelancing has enjoyed something of an uptrend lately; Lots of people were doing it before of course, but I suspect there are a lot more people doing it right now, partly out of necessity. For some, it may be how food gets on the table.

I’ve been fortunate to get a few gigs here and there, and things are working out. Did I wish I had a steady gig? Yeah. Do I wish I had, oh, I dunno, something with benefits? DUH…

Time management doesn’t have to restrict your creativity

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A question that is weighing on my mind lately is how much structure helps or hurts a creative. I was talking with a friend who by all accounts has mad organizational skills, and she runs a filmmaking business. There’s a lot of structure in her day that is taken up doing the administrative work that you need to do in order to run a business the right way, and she’s very good at that. …

Simple, possibly ridiculous, and necessary

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I want to start this by suggesting each of us ask ourselves a question: Am I OK?

I know that might sound simple and you might think that’s ridiculous, but I’m dead serious. I want you to ask yourself if you’re OK, and I want you to be honest with yourself about the answer.

The reason I’m talking about this is pretty straightforward, I have had to ask myself this same question and my answer “I’m not sure”. I’m not OK, but I’m not in Dire Straits or anything like that. I can only describe myself in being in some…

What’s your perception of the world around you?

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In the last episode of my podcast, my interview with Anna Tozzi-Barbay, she mentioned that her son had decided he wanted to be a filmmaker like she is. I found that fascinating, and I said that I have always wondered what it would be like to see the world from the POV of an autistic person. As the father of autistic children, I can see what it’s like to BE an autistic person, but when you stop to realize that they see and perceive the world very differently than we do…and that’s where I stopped.

The fact is, we all…

Could, should…you know the drill

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So, I want to share with you how my brain gets ahead of me sometimes because I think I caught myself before it was too late. That said, I would love to know what you think. Here goes.

When it comes to podcasting, when it comes to most of my plans for world domination to be honest with you, I’m a mad scientist who sees a little bit of success and then starts adding bits and pieces to his monster until it’s unrecognizable, or it’s not sustainable. My podcast has gone through a lot of changes over the years, and…

You can do stuff or make stuff. Pick one.

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Last Saturday, I had the second in my series of talks with Matt Labarge. He’s going to be a recurring guest on my podcast for a few reasons, not the least of which is he’s a fun guy to talk with. During our conversation, I mentioned a character from my old podcast named Oliver Townes. Oliver came about because of the explosion of self-help and productivity books that has happened in recent years. For my part, I read all the books in this genre that I could for almost two years to research this character. And while there are a…

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Over this summer I’ve been trying to build up some content my website and let people I know I’m open for business. I say I’ve been trying. I’m sure you well know that you can have good intentions to get things done and you get a good start, but then you poke your head out of your creative cubby hole and notice that there’s housework that needs to be done, and there’s errands to run, and then someone needs you to do something else, and so on. So you do all of that and get back to the cubby hole…

Kris Roley

Autism Dad, Multimedia Producer, Podcaster.

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